Etsy Sticker Haul Prt. 1

The very first time I bought a planner was in January 2016 for my birthday. I researched long and hard, and at first I wanted an Erin Condren Life Planner, but I could justify the high cost that I would be paying. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and eventually decided on the MAMBI Happy Planner. I didn’t actually start buying sticker kits until early October with my first monthly it from Fabulously Planned. Ever since then I had been hooked.

Although, I love buying kits, but they can get expensive. I was a college student at the time so kits had to come last which is why I love buying kits during great sales. Sticker makers always have frequent sales that make kits so much easier. So now I’m going to go ahead and share some of the kits or accessories that I have bought for my classic size happy planner and my mini happy planner.

First of is Fabulously Planned. As previously mentioned I had bought my first monthly from her and a one page HP sampler. Unfortunately, her kits hadn’t been cut properly so I was turned off from buying from her. Recently though, she started doing $1 Wednesday sales were certain mini functional sheets would go on sale for a $1 and shipping was only $.49. Of course this means that there is no tracking unless you add in an item that is NOT a $1 Dollar Wednesday deal. Fabulously Planned does offer kits for the Erin Condren, mini kits for the Happy Planner, monthly kits for both, and planner clips as well.

Shown: Mini Unicorn Me Time, Mini Penguin Movie Night, Mini Penguin Laundry, Olivia and Pet, and Mini Penguin Sweeping.

Next up is Jump To It Designs Inc. I love buying their monthly kits. They are very affordable and come with two pages plus and add on appointment labels extra if needed. I also recently just bought some of my very first weekly kits as well and their kits come in many different versions. They have kits for Erin Condren Vertical and Horizontal, Happy Planner Classic and Mini. You can also get their kits in either matte or glossy. What I also love is that every Thursday through Friday (and sometimes through Sundays) they will have new releases at a discounted price of 25% off plus added bonuses for free! If you buy a kit you will get 6 sheets, a matching Popcorn sheet and a matching glitter header sheet for $13.50 (for ether EC vertical or HP classic)! EC Horizontal will have 5 sheets plus the bonuses  for $11.25! HP mini will have a two sheets for $5.44 and if you want the Popcorn sheet it will be $6.94 (for matte). Lastly they include a double box bonus that you can only get during the new releases sale!

Shown: May Monthly and Sunday Morning HP.

Up next is a subscription service from Boulderbon who sales sticker kits, but has a monthly sticker kit subscription in which for $13.95 a month you get a kit delivered to you. It is a ‘mystery’ kit, but she does do sneak peaks on her Instagram @boulderbon. She also eventually brings the kits to her shop as well (Boulderbon on etsy). I haven’t bought directly from her etsy shop, but I have been subscribed for two months now and I love both kits that I have received. She only offers kits for the Erin Condren in matte or glossy.

Shown: April Mystery Kit.

Last (at least for this post) is Wild Summer Designs. I had bought a kit from her for Thanksgiving and really enjoy it, but since then she has reformatted her kits and I love this new format. She does offer matte and glossy, and always has weekend sales that include 50% off no min, 55% off $30 & 65% off $75. She does only make kits for the Erin Condren.

Shown: Piano, and Sprinkles.

And that’s it! For now at least. I did receive a few more packages, but I don’t want to make this post any more longer than it already is. If you would like to see how these kits are used in my happy planner especially since a few of them are made for the Erin Condren you can check my Instagram or YouTube channel. Thanks for reading!

Take care. Bye bye.

Photo Mar 28, 1 19 59 PM

Fabulously Planned


Photo Apr 17, 4 36 34 PM

Jump To It Designs May Monthly Kit

Photo Apr 24, 6 09 25 PM

Sunday Morning Kit HP


Photo Apr 07, 5 50 02 PM

April Mystery Kit ‘Tropical Breeze’


Photo Apr 14, 4 48 09 PM


Photo Apr 14, 4 49 19 PM






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