Happy Planner April Monthly Spread

Okay so I had been trying to find useful ways to use my monthly layout in my happy planner. I used to put in all of my bill dues and important events, but I found that I remembered better if I put them in my weekly spread instead since I hardly ever looked at my monthly page. 

The solution to that? I started using my monthly view for memory keeping. Every day I would go in and write in a highlight of something that happened. It doesn’t have to be a big event or anything like that. I’ve put in things like I bought a new planner or we ate pizza together as a family. The events can be anything that you want to remember. 

I also started practicing my hand lettering which is actually me going onto google and typing in “cute fonts” and that practicing those fonts until I’m happy with the results. So using the new fonts that I learned I go in and fill out my monthly layout. I do add a few stickers that I get from Dollar Tree as added decoration. 

I’m happy with the results and it gives me a reason to look back at my monthly layout and see how the month was. 


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