Plan With Me: Coffee Corner Crafts

Two posts in one day?! Yup. I really needed to get this post out. So I love trying out new planner shops because I love supporting them. I was just browsing YouTube a few weeks ago when I received a message from Coffee Corner Crafts saying that she was a new Etsy sellers who was trying to get her shop off the ground and I would be interested in her sending me some of her products. 

Okay I have a small YouTube channel with about 495 subscribers so these kind of offers don’t come my way. Instead of replying I went to her Etsy store and browsed around to see if there was anything I would be interested in. There were and she was having a 70% off sale so I bought a little of everything. 

I received my package a few days later and was going to feature her shop in a haul video, but while I was filming I had a whole sheet of bow clip stickers that weren’t cut. Almost everything that I bought weren’t cut all the way through or at all. I decided not to show her products in the video since I had actually ruined a deco sheet while trying to peel up the stickers. 

I decided to go a plan with me using her Easter Lily kit instead. I was filming and the kit wasn’t that hard to work with until I got to the half boxes and the smaller detailed stickers such as her weekend banner and icons. I ripped the weekend banner in half trying to lift up the stickers. I couldn’t continue the plan with me afterwards. 

I took a step back and came back to the spread a few days later. Thankfully I was pre-planning. The more I looked at and wrote in my plans I was happy with how the spread turned out. I did go and leave a review on her Etsy store. Unfortunately I couldn’t leave a five star review because the quality isn’t there. She did change her paper and recognized that there was a problem. But personally I can’t bring myself to support her. 

If you’re interested in her shop you can check her out on Etsy and instagram @coffeecornercrafts 


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